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Millman is proud to introduce the same accuracy, punctuality, and professionalism of its commercial survey solutions to the residential real estate market.

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What is a Mortgage Location Survey?

Your survey is typically ordered at the request of your title company or mortgage lender.

During the sale of a home, there is a great deal of attention paid to the details of the property. You are interested in the condition, size, and amenities. Your home inspector will look for imperfections and possible warning signs. Your lender is interested in the value of the property, and your title company is interested in the property history. What all of these parties have in common is their interest in the land that your next home is built on. The purpose of a Mortgage Location Survey (MLS) is to “provide substantial proof… that the improvements are actually located on the land covered by the legal description…" (Visit for more information on the technicalities and specifics of an MLS).

Why should you trust Millman?

In short, our extensive experience in the commercial real estate market has enabled our team of veteran professionals to deliver Mortgage Location Surveys with greater accuracy, professionalism, and detail. Here is why you should choose Millman Residential Surveying.

  • Experience

    Real estate professionals and attorneys nationwide know Millman National Land Services for its years of dedication to delivering a class-leading solution to commercial transactions. Now we are harnessing the power of our commercial experience to deliver an enhanced solution to your real estate transactions.

  • Detailed Staff

    They say the devil is in the details. A wrong detail - no matter how small - in a real estate transaction can cause a major headache down the line. That is why our staff takes pride in every survey we complete taking the time to pay extra attention to each and every detail ensuring a quality product is rendered each and every time.

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    The surveying industry has been revolutionized by technology evolving at a rapid pace to meet the demands of a changing real estate market. Millman Residential Surveying is no stranger to this cutting edge technology. We have adopted and maintain the industry's leading solutions to deliver a more accurate product more efficiently.

  • An Enhanced Experience

    In any real estate transaction, time is a precious asset that we never seem to have enough of. We understand how important it is to deliver an accurate, detailed and professional result while being respectful of your timelines. Trust in our team to deliver superior results - quicker.

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